South Korea

South Korea



Are you curious about studying abroad in South Korea? Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most unique countries for international students. Englishers is a consultancy who helps you to apply for South Korea in Kathmandu

1. South Korea wants international students

The South Korean government is making it easier for international students to go abroad and succeed at Korean universities. In 2015, the South Korean Government established a plan to bring 200,000 international students to the country by 2023, and have recently hit an all time high of just over 105,000 international students. They offer incentive like the ability for foreign students to work part-time in South Korea, pay the same amount of tuition as Korean students, and have access to hundreds of scholarships. The government has also been attempting to make it easier for international students to find employment after graduation.


South Korea’s economy has been growing rapidly, and boasts low unemployment and great public services like transportation. If you have ever thought about studying in South Korea, now is the time to do it!


2. The culture is one of a kind

From K-pop to Korean cinema, Korean popular culture is an enticing draw for foreign students. South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, has grown into a bustling metropolitan area, with massive skyscrapers and advanced transportation, but has not lost the charm of Korean tradition.


No matter where you decide to study in South Korea, the food will be amazing and you will be immersed in the rich traditions of this country, which date back thousands of years. Plus, because of the developed transportation systems throughout the country, you can easily travel between sprawling cities and tiny mountainous villages, or even to volcanic islands! The opportunities in South Korea are endless.



3. The universities are recognised world-wide

Three big universities for Korean students are Sejong University, Chonnam National University, Hansei Universiy, Dongseo University, Seoul National UniversityKorea University, and Yonsei University, which boast strong programmes and high post graduate employment rates. These universities get a lot of recognition, but universities like the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Sungkyunkwan University are just as respectable and sought after.


South Korea has increased their focus and spending on higher education in order to create better qualified graduates and compete in the global economy. The universities in South Korea are serious about education, and there are few places in Asia that can provide the same opportunities as South Korea.



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